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Dyneff facts & figures

Key dates in a pioneering history

  • 1958: A. Lecea founds his distribution company for petroleum products in the Aude region of France.
  • 1976: A. Lecea grows his company and sets up Dyneff SA.
  • 1984: Dyneff is the first French company to enter the recently liberalised energy market in Spain. Introduction in France of the first dedicated electronic payment card for purchasing fuel.
  • 1992: Inauguration of the 1st highway gas station created by an independant petrol distributor.
  • 1998: The companies Dyneff España and Dyneff Cataluña are set up in the Basque region and Catalonia (the head office is transferred to Gerona in 2002).
  • 2000 to 2001: Dyneff purchases storage facilities at Port La Nouvelle (30,000m3 and 136,000m3) and acquires an interest in DPF and SPR.
  • 2006: Takeover by Rompetrol France. Recovery of 4 highway gas stations including Arzens Nord et Arzens Sud (11) - A61 et Peypin (13) - A52.
  • 2007: First Rompetrol gas stations in France and 11 gas stations equipped to sell biofuel E85. Establishment of partnership with « La brioche Dorée ». KazMunayGaz (KMG) acquired 75% of the TRG group.
  • 2008: Modernisation of the Dyneff visual identity. Launching of Dyneff in Spain with the 4 first gas stations in Spain bearing the Dyneff logo.
  • 2009: Launching of SP95-E10 and inauguration of two Rompetrol-branded gas stations in Spain. KMG becomes majority shareholder of TRG. Dyneff becomes an official partner of Montpellier Hérault Sporting Club.
  • 2011: Commitment to the 'Objectif CO2' charter. Opening of the first HQE station in the area of Rouillé Pamproux (A10). Launching of GNR ZERO. Launching of the first gas station shop concept "Boutique du Soleil " and conclusion of a partnership with La Mie Caline.»
  • 2012: Dyneff expands its E85 distribution network. Opening of our 9th Rompetrol gas station on the A9 highway, in the « Village Catalan » area.
  • 2013: Launching of a local partnership with Peugeot Garage in Montpellier to support the E85 sector, through sales of flexfuel vehicles.
  • 2014: Expansion of Wholesale’s distribution area on the french territory, with a coverage of 7 new sectors in the North, North-East of France and the « Poitou – Charentes » region. Opening of an agency in Pamiers (Ariège). Opening of its first budget gas station under a new concept called €ssence in Cap Pla;
  • 2015: Dyneff obtains a license authorizing the supply of natural gas.

A major player

  • Second company in the Languedoc-Roussillon region (France)
  • Approximatively 2,3 billion euro turnover
  • 2,500,000 m3 of petroleum products brought to market each year
  • 100 gas stations
  • 11 retail agencies in France and 2 in Spain
  • 2 wholesale agencies - in France (Montpellier) and in Spain (Gerona)
  • 2,450 tanks in storage on business clients’ sites
  • 35 loading sites supplied by sea, road and oil pipeline
  • 75 road tankers (owned and rented) ISO 9001 certified and fully compliant with the ADR standard
  • 75 tankers chartered annualy
  • Access to 96% of the customers connected to the natural gas network in France.

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